01. Many of the old buildings in the city center [toppled] during the earthquake.
02. This latest scandal may [topple] the government.
03. After finishing his tenth drink, the drunk slowly [toppled] over.
04. A number of old dead trees [toppled] over in the high winds and heavy rain.
05. The dictatorship was finally [toppled] by the guerrillas after a 10-year battle.
06. He spent an hour working on building a house of cards, and then it [toppled] over when he sneezed.
07. He was washing dishes, and suddenly the stack of plates [toppled] over.
08. When my kids were little, they loved to build towers of blocks higher and higher until they finally [toppled] over.
09. In April of 1960, a student uprising [toppled] the authoritarian government of South Korea.
10. The government was [toppled] by a rebellion in May 1997.
11. A peaceful revolution in East Germany in 1989 succeeded in [toppling] the Berlin Wall, leading to reunification with West Germany just under a year later.
12. In the Bible, trumpet blasts and shouting [toppled] the walls of the city of Jericho.
13. On December 31, 1900, winds on England's Salisbury Plain were so strong that they [toppled] one of the great stones at Stonehenge.
14. In 225 B.C., a strong earthquake [toppled] the statue known as the Colossus of Rhodes.
15. There is a Chinese proverb which suggests that people burn incense before the god, and then [topple] him.
16. Bob Marley stated in one of his songs that until the corrupt regimes on the African continent are [toppled], the people there will not know peace.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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